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Two Ways to Post to Facebook

Social Media Magnet Students and Professionals – Did you know that there are two different ways that you can post to Facebook? Both ways are exemplified and discussed in our resources blog this week. Example #1:  Posting the URL Permalink in Your Facebook Post In the first example above on

Careers: Marketing Specialist

Students who experience The Social Media Magnet will be adequately prepared for a position like this one: Coffee Specialist and Marketing Assistant We are a rapidly growing local coffee roasting and distribution company seeking an enthusiastic, driven individual who is passionate about people and coffee culture. Fortuna Enterprises is dedicated

Commit and Receive Access to Our Full Professor Library of Resources

Professors – Below are screen shots from our Professor Library, which is our one-stop shop for all of the instructor’s resources that you will need for teaching The Social Media Magnet.  Just like on the student side of our courseware, the Professor Library contains a Table of Contents (demonstrated below)
Live Stories

Student Story: Margaret Hovis

“Coming into this class in January, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew I would be creating a blog, just because I have friends who have previously taken the class and told me about this aspect of the class. But I never really realized all that goes into