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Social Media Magnet Certification Day

Monday, April 22nd was Certification Day for my spring semester class of social media marketing students.  They all earned their Social Media Magnet Certification and placed their practicum experience and their new certifications on their LinkedIn profiles.  It’s a great way to end the semester.  They collectively did a great
Live Stories

Student Story: Brook Swiger

“I took Belmont’s Social Media Marketing course as a non-traditional student. I was placed in a position as the social media manager at my place of work and prior to that new position, I had no experience with more than a few personal social media accounts. I had no idea
Live Stories

Student Story: Baz Barzani

“At first, I may have underestimated the amount of work that I’d be facing with the campaign, but in the end, it was all worth it. The experience means a lot to me as someone who’s hoping to use social media in my future career to help with my marketing

Most Trusted Brands of 2020

In a recent report on the state of brand trust called “Distrust in America is High, but Brands Continue to Command Confidence”, which you can view here, it has been discovered that most Americans give individual brands the benefit of the doubt. This comes with the data that over 70%