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Social Media Magnet Skills Land Jacqueline a Social Media Specialist Position

I took Social Media Marketing the fall semester of my senior year. I went into the class with a bit of social media experience, but only what I had taught myself. I had previously managed and created social media content for companies, organizations, and myself, but it was a completely

A Professor’s Story: Learning How to Teach a Digital Marketing Class

In 2013, due to personal family reasons, I left my current university where I was an assistant professor to start a new adventure at another university more than 10 hours away from where I resided.  I was leaving a university that I had grown very fond of and leaving a
Live Stories

Student Story: Emily Whitcomb

“I can not think of a better course to help someone thrive in the digital world today. The Social Media Magnet help students learn the ins and outs of all social media aspects. Especially in today’s society, a huge part of a company’s success is determined by their abilities to

The Ethical Responsibility for 2019: Mindfulness and Focus

“In 2019, I believe design needs to be the answer to that escape. We need to take a hard look in the mirror and hold ourselves accountable to the unintended consequences of rapid innovation. Do we need 1 million new apps a year? Do we need to design for constant