Social Media Job Opportunities

We have companies, businesses, and organizations that are looking for Social Media Magnets to handle their social media marketing and email campaigns. If you have completed the Social Media Magnet courseware and earned your certification, are the perfect candidate. These opportunities are all over the country and many are work

Most Trusted Brands of 2020

In a recent report on the state of brand trust called “Distrust in America is High, but Brands Continue to Command Confidence”, which you can view here, it has been discovered that most Americans give individual brands the benefit of the doubt. This comes with the data that over 70%

Drive Your Brand With Strategic Messaging- Video

Recently, one of our co-authors Elliott Cunningham was interviewed via webcast by certified Blue Ocean Strategist, Sherman G. Mohr (INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute). Together they discussed the power of driving a company’s brand through strategic messaging using the methods of Blue Ocean Strategy and the Social Media Magnet. Watch

Preparing for a New Pathway into Marketing- Apprenticeships

According to a recent MarketingWeek article, apprenticeships are arising as a new potential pathway to enter into the marketing world. The article, which can be viewed here, mentions several high profile brands that are offering marketing apprenticeships such as Vodafone and Unilever. These apprenticeships are an opportunity for people to
Live Stories

SMM Certification Lands New Internship for Alyson Skelton

Alyson Skelton is a student at Belmont University and earned her SMM Certification at the end of the fall 2019 semester.  Alyson’s website, Simply Sustainable Life, promotes sustainable change.  She states, “[It] is an online destination for anyone looking to live more intentionally & responsibly. This is a place where

Tata Nano- Blue Ocean Fail

Blue ocean strategy is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating an uncontested market space to thrive in, a wide-open blue ocean, instead of trying to compete in an existing market space where the market is crowded with cutthroat competition, a bloody red ocean. In a blue ocean, new demand

Professor Preview: Level Assessment Answer Keys

The Social Media Magnet Courseware is divided into levels, which can be thought of as units. Each level is composed of two to three chapters that have been grouped together based off of the content within them. What’s unique about our levels, is that students must demonstrate a comprehension of
Live Stories

Student Story: Brook Swiger

“I took Belmont’s Social Media Marketing course as a non-traditional student. I was placed in a position as the social media manager at my place of work and prior to that new position, I had no experience with more than a few personal social media accounts. I had no idea
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Student Story: Tailah Janbakhsh

The Social Media Magnet course equipped me with the tools and skills necessary for real world marketing. From strategic post planning to tracking our own analytics–this course went above and beyond teaching social media marketing. This past fall semester, I took an internship with an artist management company in Nashville.