Preparing for a New Pathway into Marketing- Apprenticeships

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According to a recent MarketingWeek article, apprenticeships are arising as a new potential pathway to enter into the marketing world. The article, which can be viewed here, mentions several high profile brands that are offering marketing apprenticeships such as Vodafone and Unilever.

These apprenticeships are an opportunity for people to explore a new-to-them area of marketing by hitting the ground running. For example, Unilever’s digital marketing apprenticeships allow those trying to break into the digital marketing space to do so with a hands on learning experience.

In a similar way, The Social Media Magnet allows students to hit the ground running with inbound social media marketing through our Live Practicum. Over the course of their Live Practicum, students will do everything from fully develop a brand, create a website, plan and manage social content, create weekly email campaigns, and more.

This allows students to gain as much hands-on experience with social media marketing as they would in a 1-2 year internship and still enhance their LinkedIn profile and resume.

Once successfully completing their Live Practicums, students are given instructions on how to add the experience and certification to their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. This allows potential employers to see what skills students learned through the Social Media Magnet Live Practicum as well as to see that they have been certified in social media marketing, thanks to our certification program. You can learn more about our certification program here.

The experience and certification students gain from our Practicum has helped many students go on to get incredible internships out in the industry of their dreams. For example, Alyson Skelton, a 2019 Social Media Magnet student landed an internship in Brooklyn due to her Practicum experience. You can read her story here.

There have also been a handful of students, like Jacqueline, who have been able to land full-time jobs post-graduation due to their extensive social media marketing experience with our Live Practicum. Learn more about how Jacqueline’s Social Media Magnet experience helped her land a full-time position here.

If you are interested in providing your students with this hands-on experience, we invite you to request our free professor preview, where you can get a glimpse for yourself at what all our courseware and live practicum have to offer you. Request your free Professor Preview.

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about the theory that we used to develop our courseware and live practicum, you can request a free copy of our white paper to learn more.

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