She is Now Running Their Biggest Client’s Website

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When we first created Social Media Magnet as a curriculum, we knew we wanted our students to be able to leave the class with practical skills that they could apply to their jobs for years to come. In the ever changing world of social media, this was important to us because it would help us develop a course that was longstanding and relevant despite current social media trends. This is why our course teaches theory and strategy behind social media, which allows it to be applied to the latest change in algorithm and platform popularity, as well as incorporates a live practicum where students get the practical skill set that comes with developing your own website.

Emma Hinkley saw firsthand just what the practical skills and theory learned in Social Media Magnet can do for someone in their career. Emma was a Social Media Magnet student in the fall of 2019 and upon graduation, went to work for a small marketing firm. She recently emailed Dr. Huggins, her Social Media Magnet professor, to thank him for teaching the course and shared how it has impacted her career for the better. Here is what she had to say:

“I’ll be honest, when the class first started, I really enjoyed it but I wasn’t sure if I would end up using those skills in my particular job. However, I’m now at a small marketing firm and I’m running our biggest client’s website because I’m the only one who knows how to do it. 

The site is a WordPress setup that we’re taking over from the client’s publisher, as they’ve completely messed it up. As in “the client has a unique, hyphenated last name and her SEO is still so bad that her site is 7th on Google” levels of messed up. Throughout this whole process, I’ve been the one who is able to answer questions for my bosses/the client and help clean things up. 

… I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your class. It feels really great to be the one with all of the answers in meetings, especially since I’m the youngest in the room and I just started in January. I have you to thank for that.”

Are you interested in teaching a course to your students that will help them gain an invaluable skillset backed with applicable social media theory and strategy? If so, checkout our Professor Overview to learn more about what our course and curriculum entails.

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