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Student Discovers Importance of Passion When Building a Brand

Katie Barnes was a Social Media Magnet university student in the spring of 2020. Katie’s practicum was called Third Culture Kid Support and was all about sharing her experience as a kid growing up in a culture different from her parents so that others in her shoes could relate, and
Live Stories

Katie Learns Valuable Skills Through Practicum

Year after year, we hear consistent feedback from students on how much they enjoy the live practicum aspect of our curriculum because of how much experience they gain from it. This year, the reviews from students were no different. Katie Kuhnash is a recent graduate of Belmont University and took
Professor Story

Course Recommended For Those That Want “Hands-On Experience”

Dr. Tulay Girard has been teaching the Social Media Magnet in her social media marketing course at Penn State Altoona since the fall of 2019. When first teaching our Courseware and Practicum, she shared a review of the first half of our curriculum. If you missed it, you can check