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Drive Your Brand With Strategic Messaging- Video

Recently, one of our co-authors Elliott Cunningham was interviewed via webcast by certified Blue Ocean Strategist, Sherman G. Mohr (INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute). Together they discussed the power of driving a company’s brand through strategic messaging using the methods of Blue Ocean Strategy and the Social Media Magnet. Watch
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Student Practicum: Your College Cookbook

  I am a senior college athlete, running for our cross country team at Belmont University.  Because I love and required to live healthy, for my social media campaign, I decided to blog on the topic of cooking for college students. I named the site “Your College Cookbook.” When entering this
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Student Story: Kat O’Neill

It is critical for new marketing graduates to have an understanding of the ever-evolving social media landscape. The Social Media Magnet allows students to not only learn about modern digital marketing but also to put their knowledge into practice. The functionality and practicality of this platform makes it truly unique. Learning
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Social Media Magnet Skills Land Jacqueline a Social Media Specialist Position

I took Social Media Marketing the fall semester of my senior year. I went into the class with a bit of social media experience, but only what I had taught myself. I had previously managed and created social media content for companies, organizations, and myself, but it was a completely