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The Social Media Magnet: What skills do students learn?

The Social Media Magnet is an online course complete with a digital textbook, tools and resources to help students learn how to run an inbound marketing campaign using a hub-and-spoke design.  The pedagogy that we have established, which stems from the theoretical model, will teach students Live and Online, not
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Morgan James Gains Valuable Skills Through Her Practicum

Morgan James gained valuable social media skills when she was a student in my Spring 2019 Social Media Marketing class at Belmont University. You can read her testimonial about the class here.  Below is information from Morgan’s Final Report that outlines her own SWOT analysis about her internal strengths and
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Branda Learns More Than Expected with Old Soul Free Spirit

Branda Cavanna was a student in the spring Social Media Marketing at Belmont University.  In her final report, Branda talks about the reason why she signed up for the class and what the outcome was for her after she completed her Social Media Magnet certification.  Here is what she stated:
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Student Discovers Importance of Passion When Building a Brand

Katie Barnes was a Social Media Magnet university student in the spring of 2020. Katie’s practicum was called Third Culture Kid Support and was all about sharing her experience as a kid growing up in a culture different from her parents so that others in her shoes could relate, and