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Social Media Job Opportunities

We have companies, businesses, and organizations that are looking for Social Media Magnets to handle their social media marketing and email campaigns. If you have completed the Social Media Magnet courseware and earned your certification, are the perfect candidate. These opportunities are all over the country and many are work
Live Stories

Lydia Discovers New Passion For Her Marketing Degree

Many times at the start of the Social Media Magnet course, there are two different types of people that have decided to take it. On one hand, you have the people that are passionate about social media marketing, hope to find a job in it upon graduation, and therefore excited
Live Stories

Student Story: Squillustrate’s Suzanna Stapler

“Squillustrate is an illustration and branding business specializing in creating artwork to help people with great ideas express their vision. Suzanna founded the company back in 2016, pursuing it full-time since graduating college in May 2018.  My senior year of college, I got the chance to take Dr. Huggins’ Social
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Simple But Good: It’s All About the Photos

These are the top three most popular blog posts, and as you can see, my audience loved carbs! The first recipe I ever posted (guacamole) was the most successful of all, and is my 3rd most visited page on my site (next to the home page and my email sign-up