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Student Story: Sierra Lax

Before enrolling in Dr. Huggins’ Social Media Marketing course, I was not aware of how much real-world experience a class could offer. Because of this class, I can now apply much of what I’ve learned towards my future career in Marketing. This course offered me the opportunity to generate organic

Website Analytics Create Weekly Post Secret Key

Here is the secret key and process: 1. Log in to the site Student Website 2. Update the plugin to latest version 3. Click on Analytics > Settings > Create weekly post tab 4. Input the secret key: 6BKoCI8dsj 5. Click the create button
Live Stories

Student Discovers Importance of Passion When Building a Brand

Katie Barnes was a Social Media Magnet university student in the spring of 2020. Katie’s practicum was called Third Culture Kid Support and was all about sharing her experience as a kid growing up in a culture different from her parents so that others in her shoes could relate, and

A Course Adaptable for Pandemic Teaching

Will COVID-19 force our classrooms to stay deserted in the fall? As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to wage war on our world as everyone tries to gain a sense of new normalcy, one question weighs enormously on college students, professors, and universities alike- what does this mean for the