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Tata Nano- Blue Ocean Fail

Blue ocean strategy is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating an uncontested market space to thrive in, a wide-open blue ocean, instead of trying to compete in an existing market space where the market is crowded with cutthroat competition, a bloody red ocean. In a blue ocean, new demand
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Student Practicum: Kids in Kenya

Emily Whitcomb was a student in my Fall 2019 Social Media Marketing class at Belmont University.  In this class, we use The Social Media Magnet courseware.  As part of the class courseware, students are required to complete a practicum that includes the process of setting up your own website, creating
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A Student’s Story: My Experience with The Social Media Magnet

Brianna Goebel is the creator of Off Broadway Beats. Over the summer I interned for a digital marketing company. Although I learned useful lessons and techniques, I wanted to see if I could put them to use. I have ran music blogs in the past, but after many failed attempts

Doug the Pug Super Bowl Celebrity ‘Mmus Pizza with Sabra

Doug the Pug, Super Bowl Celebrity, is now an international sensation.  Our heart is bursting with pride.  Did you see our very own Doug the Pug in the 2020 Sabra Superbowl Commercial? Doug likes to ‘Mmus Pizza!  We followers of Doug could have guessed that was coming!  In our Social