Lydia Discovers New Passion For Her Marketing Degree

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Many times at the start of the Social Media Magnet course, there are two different types of people that have decided to take it. On one hand, you have the people that are passionate about social media marketing, hope to find a job in it upon graduation, and therefore excited to learn all about it and take away skills that will enhance their resumes for future employers. On the other hand, you have people that take the class because they have heard about it, unsure if a future career in social media marketing is for them. However, for this second group of people, many people walk away from having done the live practicum with a newfound passion for social media marketing and a new potential career pathway for them.

Lydia Zach was one of those people in the second group this past semester. She took the Social Media Magnet with Dr. Huggins at Belmont University this past semester and ran a very successful campaign called Find a Way Fit. You can check out her website and campaign more here. Not only did she walk away from this course with a successful project, but with a newfound passion and potential career interest. Here is what Lydia has to say about her experience with the Social Media Magnet:

This has been my favorite course I have ever taken. It was super beneficial and valuable to me, I learned how to maintain my brand through the 4 C’s. I stayed consistent and committed to this course and my overall benefit of learning all I could. I learned to be confident and feeling connected with what I was posting about and the audience I was trying to reach. This course helped me learn all of this and helped me figure out that social media marketing is something I am really passionate about. The practicum is well structured and lays out the requirement perfectly. I am super thankful for this course and Dr. Huggins!

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