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Teach Social Media Marketing With Endless Resources At Your Fingertips

Gain access to Professor Resources Preview by requesting your Professor Preview today. The thought of teaching social media marketing can be incredibly intimidating to many professors since it is a fairly new subsect of marketing that is constantly changing. The Social Media Magnet was created to help change this, so
Live Stories

Student Story: Madeline Rains

Social Media Marketing has been one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken during my time at Belmont. I took the class to learn skill sets that I know my future employers will be looking for, and the Social Media Magnet did not disappoint. Through lectures and our semester-long project,
Live Projects

Student Project: Andrea’s Adventures

The following blog is excerpts from Andrea’s final report that speak to her practicum experience while she was taking The Social Media Magnet course at Belmont University in the Fall of 2018. “The first expectation or thing that I wanted to learn from this class was to learn more about
Live Stories

Student Story: Sierra Lax

Before enrolling in Dr. Huggins’ Social Media Marketing course, I was not aware of how much real-world experience a class could offer. Because of this class, I can now apply much of what I’ve learned towards my future career in Marketing. This course offered me the opportunity to generate organic