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Squillustrate’s Success with Saturday Morning Cartoons

Suzanna Stapler is a former student of mine.  She took my Social Media Marketing course in the Fall of 2017, and graduated from Belmont University in May of 2019.  Suzanna was gracious enough to share a little of her success story with us.  In her previous blog, she spoke about
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Student Story: Brendan Marz

Dr. Huggins’ Social Media Marketing course was not what I had expected when signing up. I figured it would just be a series of lectures and readings detailing how social media marketing works. Instead, I found that the course centers around a hands-on, real-world project in which I was able

A Course Adaptable for Pandemic Teaching

Will COVID-19 force our classrooms to stay deserted in the fall? As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to wage war on our world as everyone tries to gain a sense of new normalcy, one question weighs enormously on college students, professors, and universities alike- what does this mean for the
Live Stories

Student Story: Emily Whitcomb

“I can not think of a better course to help someone thrive in the digital world today. The Social Media Magnet help students learn the ins and outs of all social media aspects. Especially in today’s society, a huge part of a company’s success is determined by their abilities to