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Live Projects

Student Practicum: RainsorShine

For her project, Madeline created a lifestyle blog named Rains or Shine.  It included her favorite recipes, wellness tips, and fashion style.  In her final report, students are required to create a SWOT analysis, self-analyzing what their internal strengths and weaknesses were, along with providing what they could see as

Gain Access to Webinar with Free Professor Preview

The webinar you gain access to as a Professor in Preview. The Social Media Magnet is a full curriculum, courseware, and practicum package that allows professors to teach social media marketing to their students for free, at a cost lower than an average textbook for students. As a Social Media

No, Not This Gillette Commercial, The Other One

I’m going to be honest here, I have wrestled with the new Gillette “The Best Men Can Be” campaign going on for two weeks now.  If you haven’t seen Gillette’s recent ad (featured above), then you must have been really busy over the last two weeks.  I mean, really busy! 
Live Stories

Student Story: Kate McGregor

“The Social Media Magnet course was an incredible learning opportunity. With the project-based curriculum, I was able to incorporate valuable, real-world skills by having a hands-on experience. The Social Media Magnet guided me through the ever-changing world that is social media with tools that allowed me to stay ahead of