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Our Paper Has Been Accepted at the AMTP Conference in Charleston, SC

We have just found out that we will be presenting our paper entitled “The Social Media Magnet: A New Paradigm in Inbound Marketing Instruction” at the Association for Marketing Theory and Practice (AMTP) in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday, March 21st at 8am.  It will be held in the Windsor
Live Stories

Live Peachy Keen Highlights College Fashion

Jenna Yost was a student in our Spring Social Media Magnet class at Belmont University.  Jenna chose the topic of college fashion because she had many friends attending many different universities around the country.  She wanted to compare fashion trends at these universities.  She interviewed those friends about trendy topics

Social Media Magnet Courseware Rates a Perfect Score

Fellow professors, I thought I would share one of the itemized assessments in my course evaluations from this previous semester.  The question above rated a perfect score on my evaluations. In this class, I scored a 6 out of 6 on this question.  That is, all of the examples and

3.0 Student Website Testing

What needs to be done to prepare the Student Website for testing? Main Website: Go to Wp-Admin > Users > Edit User. Assign University, Professor, Semester, Year, Class Section # & click the “Update User” button. From Wp-Admin > Users > Edit User generate the Access Token & update it