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The Social Media Magnet: What skills do students learn?

The Social Media Magnet is an online course complete with a digital textbook, tools and resources to help students learn how to run an inbound marketing campaign using a hub-and-spoke design.  The pedagogy that we have established, which stems from the theoretical model, will teach students Live and Online, not

Consistent Brand Voice Proves Successful in Staying Strong Amidst Pandemic

While many businesses have taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some have been able to take a hold of the situation and actually use it to their advantage. Popular British fast fashion brand, Boohoo, has been able to do this by simply staying true to their brand voice.
Live Stories

Student Story: Andrea Lindsey

“Although I am not a marketing major or minor, I signed up for the Social Media Marketing class because I know how important social media is in the marketing, communications, advertising, and public relations worlds today. Prior to this class, I had already held three internships working with social media.
Live Stories

Student Story: Liz Halpern

“This semester I took Social Media Marketing at Belmont University and created my own website (nashvilleunder21.com). When I first signed up for the class, I thought it would just be learning about different social media channels and how to use them. I did not realize that there would be a