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AMTP Recap: Academics and Practitioners, Oh My!

The Association for Marketing Theory and Practice (AMTP) had their annual conference this past week in Charleston, South Carolina. For many years now, Elliott Cunningham and I have been working on our textbook and series of academic works around our theory called The Social Media Magnet.  After completing the full

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Tulay Girard Reviews the SMM Practicum

Dr. Tulay Girard has been teaching at Penn State Altoona since August 2004. She has taught Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing, Intermediate Social Media Marketing, Advanced Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Contemporary American Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Leadership and Motivation, Data Analytics, and supervised research
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Mostly Millenial: A Viral Pinterest Pin

The Social Media Magnet practicum allows students to choose any topic they want for the project.  Kat was worried in the beginning about the potential success of her project because she perceived her current social network to not be as large as others in the class.  Also, as a self-proclaimed