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Preparing College Students for Workplace Changes

Jacob Morgan, author and futurist at Inc. magazine, discusses five workplace practices that are on their way out.  Jacob states, “As we head towards the future of work, more outdated practices will start to be replaced by newer, more innovative thinking and streamlined, employee-friendly processes.”  He believes that a lot
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Student Practicum: Kate Collected

  “Coming into this course, I thought I had a good basis of understanding as to how audiences and people interact on social media. Turns out I didn’t. I knew how my immediate circle interacted with blogs and content through social, but we were not the norm. I knew I

Brand Engagement Is Not A Crummy Commercial

If you’ve ever watched The Christmas Story, then you’re familiar with the scene where Ralphie receives his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring in the mail and runs into the bathroom, anxious to decode the message… only to discover that the top secret message is nothing but, “a crummy commercial” for

What is The Social Media Magnet?

Social media has changed the marketing environment in ways that traditional marketers could have never imagined just a decade ago. It has rapidly provided a mechanism to communicate on a one-to-one level, allowing marketers to tailor specific messages and content towards a fine-tuned segment of customers, whether they are business-to-