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A Student’s Story: My Experience with The Social Media Magnet

Brianna Goebel is the creator of Off Broadway Beats. Over the summer I interned for a digital marketing company. Although I learned useful lessons and techniques, I wanted to see if I could put them to use. I have ran music blogs in the past, but after many failed attempts

Announcing Our Social Media Magnet Certification Program for College Students

SOCIAL MEDIA MAGNET CERTIFICATION:  Around this time last year, we were able to commence our Social Media Magnet Certification Program for students of excellence who have completed our courseware and your class. This allows students of excellence who have completed The Social Media Magnet course to be rewarded for their
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Fresh Dreams Media: Baz Reflects On His Practicum Takeaways

Baz Barzani started off slow in my social media class last spring.  While he had a great concept and good idea of what he wanted to be, Baz was a little timid in pushing his brand.  As I tell so many students, the key word in Social Media is “SOCIAL!” 
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Student Story: Kate McGregor

“The Social Media Magnet course was an incredible learning opportunity. With the project-based curriculum, I was able to incorporate valuable, real-world skills by having a hands-on experience. The Social Media Magnet guided me through the ever-changing world that is social media with tools that allowed me to stay ahead of