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Teach a Curriculum With Step-by-Step Instructions

Preview our Social Media Magnet Instruction Guides with your Professor Preview today. Our curriculum is taught to students through levels where essentially each level functions as a unit of corresponding lessons that students must fully grasp before moving onto the next level. While this system ensures that students are fully
Live Stories

Student Story: Josh Snyder

The Social Media Magnet not only let me participate in the most innovative project of my college career, but it has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing in the current business landscape. Having the ability to learn about the hub and spoke model, and then implement

Most Trusted Brands of 2020

In a recent report on the state of brand trust called “Distrust in America is High, but Brands Continue to Command Confidence”, which you can view here, it has been discovered that most Americans give individual brands the benefit of the doubt. This comes with the data that over 70%
Live Stories

Student Story: Abby Menear

Using the Social Media Magnet gave me a level of freedom that I have not previously experienced in another class. It acknowledges the ever-changing nature of social media while making recommendations for techniques that seem to stand the test of time. While taking this class, I was finally able to