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Course Recommended For Those That Want “Hands-On Experience”

Dr. Tulay Girard has been teaching the Social Media Magnet in her social media marketing course at Penn State Altoona since the fall of 2019. When first teaching our Courseware and Practicum, she shared a review of the first half of our curriculum. If you missed it, you can check

Drive Your Brand With Strategic Messaging- Video

Recently, one of our co-authors Elliott Cunningham was interviewed via webcast by certified Blue Ocean Strategist, Sherman G. Mohr (INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute). Together they discussed the power of driving a company’s brand through strategic messaging using the methods of Blue Ocean Strategy and the Social Media Magnet. Watch
Live Stories

SMM Certification Lands New Internship for Alyson Skelton

Alyson Skelton is a student at Belmont University and earned her SMM Certification at the end of the fall 2019 semester.  Alyson’s website, Simply Sustainable Life, promotes sustainable change.  She states, “[It] is an online destination for anyone looking to live more intentionally & responsibly. This is a place where
Live Stories

How I Made the Digital Transformation During the Pandemic- A Student’s Perspective

This past semester I finished up my junior year of college in a way I never could have expected, and it wasn’t just unexpected for me, but for all students and professors alike. When I found out that I would not be coming back to my college campus after spring