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MarTech Experience a Sizeable Advantage When Teaching with The Social Media Magnet

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing The Social Media Magnet pedagogy with our online text and live practicum verses teaching with hard bound textbooks or simulations that mimic paid marketing processes.  One of the most important components of this live practicum is the opportunity for students to
Live Projects

Student Project: Wedgewood Inquirer

The following includes excerpts from Frank Paris’s final report on his Social Media Magnet practicum from the Fall of 2018.  Frank was incredibly creative in his project creating his website to look like a newspaper feed.  It was an incredibly successful campaign as you will see below. “My blog for
Live Projects

Student Practicum: RainsorShine

For her project, Madeline created a lifestyle blog named Rains or Shine.  It included her favorite recipes, wellness tips, and fashion style.  In her final report, students are required to create a SWOT analysis, self-analyzing what their internal strengths and weaknesses were, along with providing what they could see as

Commit and Receive Access to Our Full Professor Library of Resources

Professors – Below are screen shots from our Professor Library, which is our one-stop shop for all of the instructor’s resources that you will need for teaching The Social Media Magnet.  Just like on the student side of our courseware, the Professor Library contains a Table of Contents (demonstrated below)