Student Story: Margaret Hovis


“Coming into this class in January, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew I would be creating a blog, just because I have friends who have previously taken the class and told me about this aspect of the class. But I never really realized all that goes into a social media campaign. I think this Social Media Marketing course is so valuable to all students hoping to pursue a career in business, media, or entrepreneurial endeavors. With social media’s influence rising in today’s society, I think more people need to be required to take a course like this in order to properly utilize social media marketing strategies to further the reach of a business.

I had a ton of fun creating my website and running the social media campaign. It’s schoolwork that doesn’t feel like schoolwork. It gave me the ability to exercise creative freedom while also learning about branding and the various elements of a social media marketing campaign. I don’t think anyone really realizes all that goes into social media marketing until they take a course like this, that requires you to dive deep into each and every aspect of the marketing strategy. Do yourself a favor and take this course. Over the last four months I created an entire website, produced 15 blog posts that I am sincerely proud of, created social media channels for my brand, and earned a certification that I can list on my LinkedIn and resume for future job opportunities. I’m so glad I took this class! If I could continue on with my education in digital marketing through the Social Media Magnet, I would.”

– Margaret Hovis, Belmont University, Spring 2019 Student

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