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Monday, April 22nd was Certification Day for my spring semester class of social media marketing students.  They all earned their Social Media Magnet Certification and placed their practicum experience and their new certifications on their LinkedIn profiles.  It’s a great way to end the semester.  They collectively did a great job building their own websites, running their own social media channels, and building loyalty and retention through their email marketing campaigns.  They got to share their new credentials with their LinkedIn followers and here is what some of them had to say:

“This was the most insightful class I have taken at Belmont University. I will continue to utilize what I learned in this class for the rest of my career!” – Benton

Proud to announce I am Social Media Magnet Certified! This has been such a unique and applicable experience and I am excited to see how these skills will assist me in the future.” – Morgan

I learned a lot throughout this class and was glad to have taken it. I was able to apply what I learned in class directly to my project; it was a lot of hard work, but a very rewarding class overall. I highly recommend it to any student looking to learn about branding, campaign management, and social media.” – Liz

My social media campaign grew to over 530 Instagram followers, 173 email subscribers, and over 28,000 Pinterest views. No other class has ever tested me as much or made me feel as proud.  I am excited to continue my blog and learn more about branding and analytics in the future.” – Branda

“For the past 8 weeks, I have created content for my blog, developed and managed an email marketing campaign, built and engaged with an audience through social media, and more. I was even able to build the largest email subscriber list in my class with over 200 subscribers. It is very rewarding to finish the experience with my Social Media Magnet certification!” – Jacquie

We are thrilled with our students’ response and skill sets that they have built in this class.  Congratulations Spring Class of 2019!  You did a great job.  It was a real pleasure to teach this class with all of you.

If you are a college professor and are just becoming familiar with what we do at The Social Media Magnet, check our professor overview with highlights of our features and benefits.  If you are interested in considering The Social Media Magnet for your university, we have a professor preview function that will allow you to see and work with some of the content.  If you are already in preview, which many of you are, and you are ready to commit to using our curriculum in your next semester’s class, then fill out our Commitment Form to get on-boarded and prepped for your next class.  Or if you just have some general questions, feel free to contact us.  We would love to assist you however possible.

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