Student Story: Victoria Shields


“I wanted to take a real course in social media marketing, because I was certain there had to be more to it all than just matching an eye-catching photo with a clever caption or buying Facebook ads. I wanted to develop hard skills in social media marketing to give myself an edge professionally, where I could provide well-rounded insights in the marketing world. I was thrilled that the course ended up exceeding my expectations in this realm. I credit much of this to the in-depth, step-by-step, hands-on application of various methods in organic social media marketing. Not a detail was missed from learning how to develop a WordPress website, send out email campaigns, track analytics, and test out SEO. I now feel well versed in a multitude of SMM skills.

Beyond this, however, I have gained a respect and have gratitude for being kept accountable in content creation. I pushed myself in ways I never thought I would to create a Social Media campaign I was proud of. I learned the difference loving what you are working on makes in a campaign, as well as the value of time management to allow for the most polished created branding to work organic magic. I now value taking the time to really understand what our audiences and analytics are sharing with us, and to adjust accordingly based on what you now know well regarding each different social media magnet and its best usage potential. I think this all goes back to the hands-on experience we have in this course. You can’t just have great ideas that remain in your head. You have to do the work to pump them out, be willing to fail, and adjust accordingly, learning and becoming more marketable along the way.”

– Victoria Shields, Belmont University, Spring 2019

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