Bloodworth Media is a Student Spectacle of Visual Creativity


Bloodworth Media was created by Benton Bloodworth, a student in our 2019 Spring cohort. As an entrepreneur at heart, Benton had already started a business providing  photography-based services for models, artists, and festivals.  However, he had never built a website for himself or done any digital marketing for his business.  Benton decided he would use our class as his opportunity to start the marketing of his services.  What subsequently followed was a beautiful display of his creative work.  Whether you are watching unique picture after picture pass by on his header slideshow or viewing his incredible portfolio, his student project Bloodworth Media has a visual marvel.  Benton was a top project in our class from an analytics perspective, but during the class, his digital campaign led to more than a dozen contracted gigs.  When reviewing his experience with the Social Media Magnet, he had this to say:

“When I first started this class, I was unsure as to how “learned” Mr. Huggins was in the social media realm. Very quickly, it became evident that he had a lot to teach us. I thought I knew it all. I had only scraped the tip of the iceberg. With this campaign, I was given the ability to integrate my various streams of social media. It gave me the opportunity to effectively integrate my Instagram and Facebook with my website and its brand.

One of the most important aspects I learned was the impact of a well-run email newsletter. With the email newsletter, I was able to stimulate my following in ways I had never been able to do before.

The blogs at Bloodworth Media gave me the ability to verbalize what I put on my Instagram. Most of the time, I use a simple/perhaps slightly cliche caption for my Instagram posts. The blogs allowed me to provide my followers with an in-depth rundown of all of my adventures. I really liked that aspect of it.

The analytics side of the practicum was extremely helpful, too. I was able to transparently see my traffic and interactions. Furthermore, the analytics allowed me to observe what content my followers enjoy – extremely helpful when regarding waste coverage.

Thanks so much, Social Media Magnet!”

If you are a college professor and are just becoming familiar with The Social Media Magnet, please watch our 28-Minute Webinar explaining what we do.  If you are interested in considering The Social Media Magnet for your university, we have a Professor Preview function that will allow you to see and work with some of the content that students like Benton Bloodworth will use.  If you are already in preview, which many of you are, and you are ready to commit to using our curriculum in your next semester’s class, then fill out our Commitment Form to get on-boarded and prepped for your next class.  Or if you just have some general questions, feel free to Contact Us.  We would love to assist you however possible.

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