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Develop and launch your own website with your story, mission and vision.

The Foundation Group is helping you get started on your nonprofit, but you still need a website which can often run $5,000 or more.  Meanwhile, you  still need to start telling people about your nonprofit, recruit volunteers and raise donations. With this in mind, the Foundation Group has partnered with the Social Media Magnet to help you start creating a digital marketing plan for success for your non-profit through an innovative, hands-on approach.

With the Social Media Magnet, you will learn how to build and launch your website, manage your social media channels, build and grow your email distribution lists, and develop a rolling editorial calendar for your messaging campaigns.  Our program will guide you through creating your digital marketing plan and get you started on the right foot.

Our proven program will take you step-by-step through building your Live Campaign. You will be in control of everything and your campaign will be built with your unique mission and passion.

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new interest.

We show you how to design your messaging and communication to connect and engage with your existing base, while attracting new interest with volunteers and supporters. You will create a plan that reaches them day in and day out, growing your nonprofit and increasing your impact.

Connect people
with your mission .

Align with your supporters and let them help you grow. Connect with them on the core values they associate with your brand and mission. Supporters want to connect and engage with organizations with whom they have shared values and relationship.

Turn supporters into
brand advocates.

Your content strategy and messaging campaign will connect with your customers, allowing them to align with your company. Be able to plan your messaging over the next quarter and beyond with well-timed and effective communication.

Drive your messaging campaign without spending any money on digital media.

Do you feel like you’re wasting money on your digital spend? Are your paid ads even reaching your target markets? Is your marketing team communicating your brand story and growing your engagement? Keep your marketing efforts on track by learning how to attract new customers, create engagement, and even build customer advocacy without wasting money on digital media.

Proven methodologies.

Our program has been developed over the last 10 years from working in live social media environments in organizations and teaching to hundreds of students in universities.

Our organic, direct-to-market social media campaign and strategies increased one of our company’s online sales over 300% — with no digital spend or online advertising.

A program you can trust. Through the Social Media Magnet courseware, our strategies are being taught to both undergraduate and graduate students at top universities like Belmont, James Madison, Penn State, and many others.

Now made available to organizations like yours.

Whether you are in a Business, Institution, Non-profit or Small Business, you will benefit and learn all the proven fundamental inbound based marketing principles that we have implemented for companies and organizations. We have worked with numerous businesses in varying industries, as well as non-profits, creating a reliable path for growing your company and brand.

You will create and run a Live Campaign online in your chosen social media channels.

The program works with any type of Business, Institution, Non-profit or Small Business. Because we guide you in creating strategies for successful growth, we are platform agnostic. You may use any social media platforms that you wish to build your Live Campaign.

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Brand Development
and Positioning

This creative process will challenge you within the principles of marketing to implement your ideas in a real-world environment with a brand-centric focus on your business. We will show you the underlying principles and essential requirements you need to build a successful website at the core of your business. Wether you’re starting with a website or not, we show you how to implement effective marketing tools that focus on delivering results.

Campaign Development
and Implementation

We will guide you through the steps of developing your chosen messaging topics. You will create your branding and build your website utilizing the proven principles, strategies and tactics that you are acquiring through the step-by-step approach in our program. You will also design your message matrix and content calendar, implementing your own unique social media campaign.

Content Messaging
and Posting

With our approach, you won’t have to go through the dread of having to come up with something to say. You will know exactly what to say and have a plan that includes topics you can implement over the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Once you see how your customers are responding, you can dial in your messaging focus will dial in to be even more effective.

Real-Time Campaign Audit
and Improvement

Analytics are incorporated into your real-time live campaign period, providing you with live feedback during the campaign, and allowing for adjustments to improve your brand messaging when necessary. Weekly analytics reports also help educate you on the essential top-level dashboard indicators that tell you how you are doing in the essential segments of brand awareness, brand acquisition, and brand retention.

With Live Campaign, you will:

  • Develop your brand messaging
  • Identify key differentiators that will connect with your customers
  • Walk you through building a new WordPress website or tune-up an existing one.
    (the value here alone is worth thousands of dollars in development and design savings.)
  • Create and plan your message matrix and a 90-day rolling editorial calendar
  • Properly schedule content through management tools like Hootsuite or CoSchedule
  • Create content to post to your blog, website, and social media channels
  • Monitor and audit digital analytics (like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.)
  • Run email campaigns to produce consumer retention, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy
  • Track the analytics and report the results

Complete, proven and future proof.

Step-by-Step Program

Our program contains a complete outline and timeline that can be adjusted to fit your personal schedule. Over 7 levels of step-by-step instructions include lectured videos, competency assessments, assignments and comprehensive instructions. This courseware has proven to be rewarding for hundreds of professionals, students, businesses and marketing teams.

Platform and
Channel Agnostic

We are not dependent on any one platform, social media channel, or simulation model that can change overnight. Our approach has been successful for over 10 years, as Social Media Channels have come and gone, algorithms have changed, and markets have moved. These strategies and principles will be the foundation for the rest of your career.

Certification from the Social Media Magnet.

Once you successfully complete the SMM Live Campaign program and implementation, you will become a Certified Social Media Magnet. We will issue you a Block Chain delivered certificate, with a full skill set overview and work-related accomplishment that you may add to your LinkedIn Resume and Skills. Many of our students and professionals have upgraded their employment, landed jobs and found rewarding professional careers with our Social Media Magnet Certification.

Buy the Live Campaign program for your entire marketing team, or just make yourself the best marketing team ever with the Social Media Magnet Live Campaign.

Get equipped to overcome your marketing obstacles and grow.