Student Practicum: Off Broadway Beats by Brianna Goebel

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“I’ve always had a passion for digital marketing, and my time utilizing the Social Media Magnet helped me dive deeper into that passion. As an aspiring journalist/blogger, the program taught me what it takes to make a name for myself in the digital realm. After creating failed blogs in the past, the Social Media Magnet showed me exactly what I was missing. I learned the importance of staying true to my brand and its story, creating connections with other content creators and using tools like MailChimp and Yoast SEO. Having the ability to create my own campaign and gain hands on experience helped me more than I ever imagined. The Social Media Magnet is the perfect tool to teach students about what it takes to be a digital marketer, helping to prepare them for future careers.” 

– Brianna Goebel, Off Broadway Beats, Belmont University, Fall 2019

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