Student Practicum: RainsorShine

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For her project, Madeline created a lifestyle blog named Rains or Shine.  It included her favorite recipes, wellness tips, and fashion style.  In her final report, students are required to create a SWOT analysis, self-analyzing what their internal strengths and weaknesses were, along with providing what they could see as some external opportunities and threats to the success of their campaign. 

Madeline believed her strengths were: 1) Her blog message was consistent across her social media platforms, 2) She only wrote about things that were interesting to her so she was able to keep the message authentic, and 3) She was able to use a lot of pictures of herself, which also helped her message authenticity.  She believed her weaknesses included: 1) Her blog topic was too broad, not allowing her to have a well-defined audience that would engage on a regular basis, 2) She didn’t stay consistent on her social media posting which prevented as much compounding analytics as she would have liked, and 3) She had trouble building a following on Instagram and Pinterest, which she would have liked to utilize more often.

As for opportunities, she felt like she had a chance to grow Rains and Shine’s following through fashion and recipes on Pinterest.  She unfortunately missed that opportunity, but did capitalize on building social media followers through a social media giveaway in another channel.  The major threat that she identified were a large number of other lifestyle bloggers to compete against.  A saturation of lifestyle blogs on Instagram make it very difficult to gain followers in that channel,

Overall, Madeline did a very good job in her campaign, and was probably a little too critical of her efforts in her final report.  But as a professor, I appreciate students who are very self-reflective, because that is where the most learning occurs.  Madeline learned a ton through this project and now has the skills to go out and run social media campaigns at her employment.  Well done Madeline, we are proud of your work this past semester.

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