Teach Students Valuable Skills AND Enhance Their LinkedIn Profile

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Preview the certification program with your Professor Preview today!

Are you interested in teaching a class where students not only learn valuable skills, but end with physical evidence of all that they have accomplished? That is why our Social Media Magnet courseware and live practicum is equipped with a credential that professors can assign to students that have successfully completed the course!

The credential that students receive upon successful completion, is one that can be displayed on students’ LinkedIn pages, showing that they are certified in social media marketing. Not only does this credential allow students to stand out to potential employers, it also gives students the chance to display evidence of their work. This then allows employers to not only see that someone is certified, but also see the work that led them to being certified, backing it up with true merit.

By requesting your Professor Preview today, you will gain access to a free preview of the resource library that you will be equipped with as a full professor. As a part of the library preview, you will be able to receive an entire preview of the Certification Program. Once your Professor preview has been granted and you have your log-in credentials, the certification program preview can be accessed here.

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