Comprehensive Professor Teaching Resources

Our comprehensive courseware includes Online Book, The Social Media Magnet Theory, Student Practicum, Guides and Instructions, along with complete Professor Teaching Resources, Syllabus, PowerPoint's, Templates and Practicum Grading Software that may be adapted to your particular class.

Class Prep

  • Syllabus Template
  • Class Schedule Template
  • Practicum Assignments

Book and Complete Instruction Guides

  • Digital online textbook
  • Instructor notes for digital online textbook
  • Instructor Practicum Teaching Instructions
  • Instructor notes on Student Practicum Instructions

Complete Course Documments & Presentaion Materials

  • Level-up Assessment Answers
  • Folder of Word Doc Assignments (for any changes as desired)
  • Folder of each Chapter’s PPT (for any changes as desired)
  • Access to Instructor FAQs – For in-class technical student questions

Rich Media Resources

  • Audio Podcasts for each lecture (coming Summer of 2019)
  • Video Podcasts for each lecture (coming Summer of 2019)

Practicum Analytics Reporting

  • Analytics Reporting and Real Time Feed Back Reported to Students
  • Professor Analytics Dashboard with Class Roster Results by Student
  • Comprehensive Grading Module of Live Practicum based on Overall Student Performance


  • 24/7 Technical Phone Support for Students and their Practicum Websites
  • Contact Support for Courseware for Students & Professors

Final Exam Prep

  • Final Exam Template
  • Final Exam Template Answers
  • Final Report Examples (PPT and PDF)

Students Learn the Theory and Implementation with our Live Praticum

This is not a simulation, but a Live Practicum running in real time in social media channels that the students choose. Actual Analytics are captured and reported to the Professor Dashboard for the entire class by student.

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Courseware and Resources allow Professors to Concentrate on Lecture and Teaching

Our program is designed to focus on the principals and concepts to develop students to learn the foundations necessary to prepare for Social Media and Marketing today and in the future.

Next Steps...

We offer a Professor Preview to evaluate the Courseware.