A Comprehensive Courseware Program to Learn Social Media Marketing, Develop an Organic Content Strategy and get Certified

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Brand Development and Positioning Statement

You will will choose, create and run a live branding campaign online in your own chosen live social channels. This is a creative effort that will challenge you within the principles of marketing, to actually develop and test your ideas in a real world environment, not in a predictable simulator.

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Campaign Development and Implementation

Once yuo have chosen their brand and topical focus, created your brand story, and built or modified your website, you will implement and utilize the principles, strategies and tactics you will learn with the Courseware to design your message matrix and content calendar to develop and implement your own social media campaign.

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Real-Time Campaign Audit and Improvement

Analytics are incorporated into the live campaign practicum providing you live feedback during the campaign, allowing for adjustments to improve your brand messaging when necessary. Weekly reports also educate and provide dashboard feedback on your project and assess your progress.

Exec Ed Candidates Learn from Courseware, Video Lectures and Live Practicum Implementation

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Leveled Approach to Engage and Educate

Delivery of the text and assignments through Levels and our staged process allows you to learn and review your competency along the way. All of the Courseware and Videos are delivered online from the website, which is mobile friendly, and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Live Real-World Implementation Practicum

The live implementation practicum (not a simulation) approach challenges you to learn and understand the requirements of developing and promoting a brand online and in real time. This hands-on approach, supported with the lecture videos, helps you see how theory works in practice as you build your campaign and grow your brand.

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Learn Solid Social Media Strategies to Grow Audience and Engagement

A proven track record of success with organic content, working with actual brands and growing sales by as much as 300% with no digital advertising spend. You will learn step by step how to implement these strategies.

Developed by a University Professor and an Experienced Practitioner

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Complete Courseware and Proven Curriculum

This comprehensive Courseware has been developed over the last six years and successfully completed by hundreds of students. It allows you to work at your own pace and schedule, fitting your personal availability and goals. The curriculum has proven to be effective and rewarding, rating a perfect score on independent review by students completing the course.

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Instruction Materials with Automated Analytics

Each Level includes online chapters, a complete set of slides to complement the digital textbook content, and video lectures of each chapter to develop the concepts. Our customized Analytics WordPress plugin not only provides real-time quantitative Analytics feedback to your website, but also highlights the primary dashboard.

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Designed for Today, Tomorrow and the Future

Our approach is not dependent on any one social platform, social media channel, or simulation model that can change overnight. We teach you how to develop and manage brand messaging for today and tomorrow. You will learn strategies, not just tips that are short term and have no lasting value. The Social Media Magnet Courseware will provide you with a solid foundation for building your brand and growing your customer engagement.

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Self-Assessment in The Final Report

The final report is built in PowerPoint (or Keynote) to visually demonstrate your work over the entire course and implementation. It is a reflection on what worked and what didn't work. We provide examples of blogs, social media posts, and emails to detail the class takeaways. In building your Final Report, you will bring together all of the elements of your Brand Story and Campaign, documenting what worked and proving a plan and map for your brand.

Certification and Your Portfolio

The absolute best part about The Social Media Magnet is that you earn a Certificattion Credential that may be added to your LinkedIn Profile. Unlike a simulation, your work becomes a resume builder and you keep your created assets that you own, a live portfolio for your new skill sets and demonstrating your creativity and strategic prowess, which future employers can find through your LinkedIn profile. After the course, we even have many individuals monetize their new websites, building a new business on the foundations they have established. The certification, with real assets, makes this class an incredible value.


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